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Great site Mike.

- Freddy Short March 18, 2015

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Question   Praise
I love the organization and images on your webpage. You have inspired me to branch out and look for opportunities beyond my regular haunts. Thanks for the efforts!

- John Cooper September 25, 2013

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Question   Great Pics!
Really enjoyed your album here. The pics of Italy and Austria brought back great memories. Keep 'em coming!

- Chuck Homan March 10, 2010

  Answer Thanks Chuck for your kind words. This was a retrack of the Med Cruise I made with the Navy in 1971.

if you want to see the French Riveria gallery the password is 1234

- Robert M. Cooper  March 11, 2010

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Question   Your photography


You have a lot of talent in your
photography. I loved your pictures

- Jim Jones March 02, 2010

  Answer Thank you Jim I appreciate your kind words...I hope you, Janie and family are doing well.

- Robert M. Cooper  March 03, 2010

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Question   PICS

- SUSAN GANN KAST January 20, 2010

  Answer Hi Susan...yes I am the photographer. If you want to see more samples of my work I have slideshows set to music I can send you. Thank you for your kind words


- Robert M. Cooper  January 20, 2010

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Question   excellence
I have not gotten far fast full auto. Doubt that I will catch up to you! Easy to travel vicariously through someone else when the pictures are so nice. Holland has never been on my wish list until now. Loved the flowers, seascapes and shoes.

- steve hopkins August 08, 2008

  Answer Steve

Thank you so much for your comments. In response to your email to me about forwarding my webpage, you may forward it to anyone and everyone. Check out my new photo gallery, Niagra Falls 2008.

- Mike Cooper  August 08, 2008

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